Oral Rehydration Therapy

It is very important to be mindful of the current health status of your dogs. Dogs are friendly and obedient pets, that is why, they are considered to be man’s bestfriend. Dogs are also known as the most loyal animals that ever existed. However, it may be sad that some pet owners, oftentimes; forget their sensitivity to coccidia organisms, which are easily obtained from eating animal faeces and dirty foods. Coccidia eventually causes diarrhea which may kill dogs silently, if not given immediate dog remedies.

Diarrhea which can be described from soft to watery stools can occur anytime. The best known immediate remedy to diarrhea, especially if the vet clinic is very far from home, is the oral rehydration therapy. Since diarrhea can cause severe water loss, knowing the process of oral rehydration, will replenish water loss and give enough strength for dogs.

Oral rehydration therapy is an important dog diarrhea treatment. This can be done by mixing rehydration salt into the water, which you will give as a drinking water for your dogs. Most dogs loss appetite under this condition. Hence, the process to treat dog diarrhea may be difficult. Nevertheless, you still have to be patient until your dogs finally heals from coccidia infection.

When your dog does not like the salty taste, you can also use the flavorless oral rehydration therapy solution, such as the Lectade Concentrate.

Oral rehydration therapy helps combat the symptoms of diarrhea and prevent dogs from excreting watery to bloody stool. While oral rehydration therapy is an inexpensive glucose and electrolyte solution, it serves as the most immediate dog diarrhea treatment, which may be given at the first sign of coccidia infection.

When the dog diarrhea does not heal after giving an oral rehydration therapy, make sure to check on the stool and see for the presence of organisms. If you see such, continue giving oral rehydration to ease diarrhea symptoms and bring your dog immediately to the clinic for further medication.