Dog Dietary Supplement for Coccidia

A good diet management has a lot of benefits to a dog who is suffering from coccidia infection. Most vets usually recommend a good dog dietary supplement in order to prevent further disturbance of the gut and aid easier digestion. The best dog diet that vets usually recommend are based on bland, skinless, non-fatty, white meats such as rabbit, chicken or turkey, as well as rice and potato.

For dogs that experience intestinal upset because of coccidia infection, vets usually recommend Hills Science Diet, Royal Canine Digestive Diet, or home made diets, such as boiled skin-free chicken breast and well rinsed rice for a week until the colonic upset and diarrhea stops.

For long term healthy dog diet, vets recommend the dyne high calorie supplement which can really work best for service dogs, rescue dogs, sporting dogs, sleds, and herders. This dog dietary supplement contains 150 calories, vitamins, and essential minerals needed for the dog’s immune system to fully recover, as well as strengthen the dog’s vitality after suffering from coccidia infection.

A good diet management, which is administered through the dyne high calorie supplement, has the following benefits.

  • Aids nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers, which also prevents them from being so vulnerable to coccidia infection
  • Provides extra nutrition to very young puppies
  • Provides easy-to-administer formula so that other pet owners will not cause too much hassle. Dyne high calorie supplement only requires at least 50 calories per ounce and can be fed orally, injected, or mixed with the dog’s drinking water
  • Being known as the best dog diet, dyne high calorie diet provides high quality calorie intake for dogs to recover from coccidia and some other illnesses
  • This healthy dog diet also increases stamina for admirable dog energy and high level of performance