Coccidia Treatment for Puppies

Coccidia in puppies can be very dangerous. Aside that it causes diarrhea, it also leads to severe coccidia-associated enteritis and colitis, which may temporarily lose major functions of the intestine. All of these diseases diminish the capability of the intestine to absorb water from the intestinal tract. This makes them secrete more watery stool known as diarrhea, lose appetite, and become very malnourish.

Unlike older dogs, coccidia treatment for puppies may be a bit different. To treat puppy diarrhea, vet usually give them oral medicines such as Metronidazole. It is actually one of the most effective diarrhea treatments for puppies. The tablet is dissolved in the water, which the puppy should drink. This type of coccidia treatment soothes the intestinal tract and supply electrolytes to hinder the puppy from shedding watery stools.

However, in most instances wherein puppies also lose their capability to drink water, vets eventually decide to put them into intravenous fluid support.

Intravenous fluid support is a kind of treatment for puppies, which helps provide enough fluid in the body while the intestines are not yet capable of absorbing water. The intravenous fluid support coccidia treatment for very young puppies also supplies the energy and nutrients needed to keep them alive during the process of healing.

Intravenous fluid support is also considered as a life saving coccidia treatment by many veterinary clinics. It helps bring back color to the paling gums and normalize subnormal temperature.  It also provides support for the liver and kidneys to keep functioning and prevent organ shut down, as well as the slowing of heart rate.

By then, pet owners should also consider special treatment for puppies under such condition. During their most excruciating times in battling coccidia infection, they become very sensitive and need the utmost care from their masters. Hence, pet owners should also give extra care to puppies that are suffering from coccidia.