Albon Treatment for Coccidia

Albon is one of the most commonly used antibiotics for dogs to treat coccidia infection. It is available in tablet and liquid form. Albon is also one of the best antibiotics to treat dog diarrhea. With the vet’s prescription, Albon tablet is usually given every 24 hours. The first dose of the treatment is usually higher than the next. It can also be administered intravenously.

Like other antibiotics for dogs, using Albon as treatment for coccidia requires safety and precautionary measures. You should always remember that Albon is not applicable for human use and neither can it be used in animals under certain medical conditions. Sulfa dog antibiotics can cause trouble in breathing and skin rush, especially when your dogs are allergic to it.

Albon is one of the most effective dog antibiotics, however; the following are some of the instances on which you cannot use it to treat dog diarrhea and other symptoms of coccidia infection.

  • When the dog is pregnant
  • When  puppies are younger than 7 weeks
  • When puppies have certain medical conditions, such as liver and kidney disease
  • When dogs are allergic to sulfonamide antibiotics or sulfa based drugs

To make sure that your dog is safe when taking Albon, firstly visit a veterinarian to check your dog’s health status and its symptoms of coccidia. Also inform the vet if your dog is taking some other medicines, like aspirin and methotrexate. These kinds of dog antibiotics can alter the effects of Albon, which in turn produce more side effects than expected.

Taking safety tips as such, will help you know if Albon treatment is right for your puppy. It also gives light to vets to administer the precise dosage of Albon.