How to prevent Re-infection of Coccidia in Puppies

Previously infected dog can get coccidia again especially if there is no proper dog wellness plan. Re-infection of Coccidia is also known as recurring coccidia, wherein after a dog has been healed of the disease suffers the same parasitic infection again.

Re-infection of coccidia in puppies may also due to the weakened immune system, exposure to infected animals, and poor dog healthcare. Dogs that suffer from coccidia for the second time can be very pitiful and even weaker. Hence, the following are some tips on how to prevent the re-infection of coccidia in puppies.

  • It is good to start or continue a good dog wellness plan following a coccidia infection to kill all the coccidia parasites that may re-infect your newly healed dogs, and infect other puppies in the house.
  • Disinfect all the places where your previously infected puppies usually stay. Steam-cleaning is the most effective way to reduce and kill coccidia parasites. When doing this, you can use ammonia and phenolic compound as disinfectant for coccidia infected premises.
  • Always keep the area clean. Whereas coccidia parasites grow in moist and dirty places, they die in dry and clean areas.
  • A responsible dog healthcare also helps prevent re-infection of coccidia in dogs. Make sure your dogs are well vaccinated. Also make sure they are eating clean dog foods and water.
  • Avoid feeding them with raw meats to also avoid re-infection through meat borne oocyst. For puppies, make sure that they love their foods and protect them from getting into faecally infected areas like chicken coops.
  • Also protect puppies from stressful environments. For newly bought or adopted puppies, which have been previously infected with coccidia parasites, always keep an eye on their adjustment stage. They can develop the same disease again when over stressed.

Having puppies that are suffering from coccidia parasites for the second time is not an easy experience for pet owners. You would know for the fact that they are in extreme pain, but all you can do is to have the best pet healthcare to heal them from it and prevent it from happening again. As a responsible dog owner, it is also very important to be mindful of their health and the environment they are living in, in order to avoid re-infection of coccidia in puppies.