Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

Being a first time dog owner is not easy since owning a dog is responsibility. However, there is actually more to this. Dogs are good companion and in return we need to provide them the best pet healthcare in order for them to stay healthy. One very good advice for first time dog owners is to have a pet wellness plan. This will guide you in keeping your dogs safe from parasitic infections like coccidia and make them stay as healthy as possible.

The following are some tips for you to execute the pet wellness plan.

  • For first time dog owners, you need to prepare all the things you need for a dog. These include their fundamental needs such as food, water, and dog house.
  • When choosing for a dog food, make sure that your dog likes it. Hence, for first time dog owners, buy only a small dog food pack for testing. If the dog likes the food then you can proceed buying a stock to feed for the rest of the days.
  • Always clean their feeding bowls before and after eating.
  • Bathe your dogs twice a week to remove ticks and lies, as well as clean them every time they are exposed to dirty places, such as near the chicken coop. Do the same when they come in contact with other animals, which maybe are coccidia carrier.
  • Always clean their sleeping rags to make their sleep comfortable and prevent them from getting too much stress.
  • Clean feces of dogs and other animals to prevent them from accidentally ingesting some of it.
  • Exercise your dogs and play with them.
  • As part of a good pet wellness plan, do not forget to immunize your dog. Consult your vet about the proper dosage.
  • Despite being first time dog owners, be mindful of the happenings in your dog. Take note on some instance in which they maybe are not feeling well. Also take note if they are vomiting or having diarrhea. In case this happens, take them to your vet immediately as these might be symptoms of coccidia.