5 Things to do to prevent Dog Coccidia

Dog coccidia occur when puppies are exposed to stressful environments. For instance, boarding kennels and pet shops where there is an overcrowding of dogs and other animals.

When pet owners spend some vacation, leaving them in such places may not be a good decision. Although they may remain as the only option to leave the dogs at, it would be best for you to think twice. When dogs are stressed or eat infected feces, they may eventually get coccidia parasite. And not only in boarding kennels and pet shops, but also at home and the playground.

The following are the top 8 things to do in order to prevent coccidia parasites in dogs.

  1. Avoid contact with infected dogs and stressful environments. If you really need to put your dogs into barding kennels, vaccinate them within 6 months. Although vaccines do not really prevent dog coccidia, they help boost up their immune system so that they would not get other vaccinatable disease. Otherwise, leaving your pets in a house sitter is even safer.
  2. Enhance your pets’ health and immunity to diseases. Dogs that are in good condition are not easily affected by coccidia parasites. It only occurs in dogs with lower resistance and weakened immune system. Have your pets wormed routinely and feed them with a balance diet.
  3. Reduce environmental contamination by cleaning the infected areas and isolating infected animals. Consider the placement of food and water. Change water from time to time, then clean and dry it every after dogs finish eating. Avoiding keeping younger and susceptible animals together with adults, in order to avoid the possible transmission of coccidia parasites in dogs.
  4. Minimize environmental stress, by sanitizing your place more so often. Make sure that cages and pet house are dry. Coccidia parasites usually grow in cold and moist places. When your dogs are still very new to the place, such that you are moving into another house or bringing your pet for vacation, make sure to immunize your pets. Do not forget, to exercise your dogs twice daily for physical and mental stimulation.
  5. If you have queens and lactating bitches, make sure to monitor them from time to time. After queens have given birth, make sure that their puppies get proper colostrums within 24 hours to assist proper immunity and prevent dog coccidia.