Successful Recovery from Coccidia

Coccidia is a life threatening disease but there are also good stories about successful recoveries that have been written about it. One of it is Evelyn’s story about the successful recovery of German shepherd from coccidia.

In 2008, Evelyn just got a German shepherd from a rescue team who rescued the dog after it was left behind when its original owners moved away. Unfortunately, Evelyn discovered that her dog was experiencing coccidia symptoms, such as very poor health while shedding bloody and odorous tool. Back then, her German shepherd was only weighing 80lbs, whereas some other dogs of the same breed usually weigh 113lbs and above.

Knowing that the dog would soon die if not properly cared, she brought it to the vet and had it treated with proper coccidia treatment. Coccidia treatment was not that fast though. It was slow and the dog showed weakness throughout the treatment which almost made her lose hope.

Coccidia in dogs can be very dangerous, and as for Evelyn’s German shepherd, it started coccidia symptoms upon feeding on garbage to survive while his masters were away. Fortunately, after finding a new home, the German shepherd was happy again and so was Evelyn after the successful recovery from coccidia.

There are a number of facilities that adopt lost dogs and find some ways to re-home them. Evelyn was one only one of the many people around US who got a pet through adoption. After the successful recovery from coccidia, her dog is now very healthy.

According to some vets, it is good to bring dogs to the clinic for a check-up before or after pet adoption. The goal is to check for coccidia symptoms so that it may be given proper coccidia treatment before it is too late. Meanwhile, as part of coccidia in dogs safety, Evelyn also got her other dogs in the house vaccinated to boost up immune system and prevent coccidia from transmitting.