Coccidia in Dog Kennels Story

Ed Frawley has been a dog breeder and trainer for 45 years. He also owns several dog kennels in Wisconsin since 1990. But before he became too successful in breeding, he also experienced challenging years of coccidia in dogs.

Due to the crowd of animals in dog kennels, dogs that are living in such place are very prone to parasitic infections like coccidia. On January 14, 1990, Frawley had 6 puppies that died in coccidia symptoms. At first, 5 of the puppies suffered from sickness and died within 24 hours. Their weak immune system was not able to resist the invasion of coccidia organisms. The parasites, which are slowly feeding in the dogs’ tummy, caused them to suffer a lot.

Frawley had the last female dog which he had treated with some medicines through the help of vets. He shared that when the puppy looked into his eyes, he could really tell it was hurting. The last of the six puppies died within 93 hours.

From his experience with coccidia in dogs, he learned to be more careful in raising dogs on dog kennels. He also suggested that coccidia treatment can be effective when administered carefully. Likewise, consulting to veterinarians is also a good way to help dogs recover from coccidia infection.

Although the experience was hurting especially when the last of the 6 puppies died, it inspired him to create a good program to prevent coccidia symptoms and heal puppies from the disease. Since then, he never got dogs that suffer from coccidia symptoms.

Coccidia in dogs can write a lot of sad stories but some people, instead of crying a lot about it, stand again. They use their experience to motivate themselves not to undergo the same situation again. In the next few months, you would see them happy with new dogs while taking past experience as significant lessons in life.