List of Coccidia Susceptible Places

Some environments are very risky for coccidia in puppies compared to some other places. The places that are more susceptible to coccidia infection include pet shops, shelters, breeding facilities, puppy farms, pounds, grooming facilities, dog clubs, and veterinary clinics. These are the places where dog usually overcrowd. Compared to other places, these are also the places where coccidia disinfection can be really hard.

Boarding Kennels – Boarding kennels are a few of the places where susceptible animals and coccidia carriers are placed at close proximity. In this case, dogs are more likely to step on each other’s feces causing coccidia parasites to transmit from one animal to another.

Pounds and Shelters – Places as such can be very dangerous with dogs. Most of the times dogs of different ages and breeds are simply joined together in one cage which make coccidia parasites to easily infest in them. In addition, placing puppies with different background can cause stress because of insufficient space and unsanitary conditions.

Pet shops – Although pet shops are not as susceptible as the previous places, irresponsible pet owners and dog breeders place animals crowded in one cage. This is also the reason why there are some pets in poorer quality compared to others. This situation is basically considered as a stressor, wherein it suppresses the immune system causing coccidia in puppies.

Breeding Facilities – Although vaccination and deworming is adequate in breeding facilities, the close proximity of puppies still causes parasites in dogs to keep coming back. This instance is known as recurrent coccidia in puppies. When one puppy is infected by coccidia, due to the close proximity in breeding facilities, parasites in dogs is more likely to transmit.