Common Causes of Coccidia

Dogs can get coccidia in many instances. One of the common causes of coccidia in dogs is when they are expose to place with poor sanitation and consume faecally contaminated soil and vegetation.

Coccidia infestation in puppies is also one of the major causes of diarrhea in dogs. Pet owners, hence; should take note of the causes of coccidia in order to prevent further infections and protect dogs from coccidia infestations. The following are some other causes of coccidia which pet owners should watch out for.

  • Coccidiosis can be contracted with puppies and older dogs when they consume uncooked meat an organs of rodents, other decayed bodies of livestock, and wild animals which have coccidian organisms.
  • Puppies get exposed to coccidian cysts from mother’s feces especially when they ingest some of them.
  • Coccidia can also be brought by giardiosis. Giardia is also a type of single-celled protozoan like coccidiosis that infects the intestinal tracts of puppies. However, giardiosis is brought by weakened immune system of older dogs or stress as a result from the sudden change of habitat for puppies. Giardiosis also exhibits the same symptoms as coccidia.
  • Histories of poor living conditions. Poor sanitation and filthy housing are also few of the common causes of coccidia. Foods prepared in a poorly sanitized area can be dangerous to dogs; they may ingest dirt and spoiled substances which causes diarrhea.
  • Older dogs can get coccidia whenever they develop intestinal disease that can suppress the immune system and bring up disorders to the pet. For example, dog catching FIV or those dogs that have previously taken immune suppressant drugs.
  • Places like pet house and boarding kennels can become sources of coccidia especially when the there is no proper maintenance in the place.  For instance, dogs stepping on each other’s feces is also one of the many causes of coccidia. Likewise, stepping into each other’s food with dirty paws also causes dog diarrhea.
  • Dogs with congenital immune disorders are also prone to recurrent Coccidial infestations. For instance, German shepherd breed of dogs are very prone to this.

As pet owners we need to make sure that our pets are living in a clean place to be safe from instance that causes dog diarrhea and coccidia. In this way, we can have healthy and energetic pets.