Coccidia in Dogs

Finding out that your dogs are having Coccidia is probably the worst nightmare you could ever imagine to happen in your dogs. This type of disease is manifested through the presence of Coccidia parasites inside the dog’s intestine, which brings a number of negative effects to dog’s overall health. Coccidia usually strike on puppies with age that ranges from 3 to 4 months. This is because puppies still have immature immune system which makes it hard for them to fight against the disease, thus; making them more susceptible to it. It basically brings frightening symptoms from lose tools to blood-spotted feces.

Coccidia in puppies can affect any dog breeds and your dogs may not be so safe against it. Puppies are easily infected through contaminated water, faecally-contaminated soils and vegetation, and even the surroundings in and outside your home, which have poor sanitation. These instances allow Coccidia parasites to easily grow and develop inside the puppy’s intestines, which in a matter of days can multiply by numbers and destroy the puppy’s intestinal tract. In the coming days, puppies start to get ill and weak, exhibiting life-threatening symptoms like never before.

While Coccidia parasites are easily obtained, the cure is a bit difficult than you can imagine. Most puppies cannot last longer suffering the painful symptoms; some died because of it. This fact should pose alarm to pet owners, although some puppies may not exhibit extremely severe symptoms, puppies having simple diarrhea must immediately be given attention before blood loss can quickly set in. Likewise, trying to ease the pain brought by Coccidia parasites in dogs by experimenting on some medication is not advisable. However, bringing them to vets will greatly help in curing the Coccidia in puppies.

Coccidia in dogs have long been to known to attack pets. According to some experts, Coccidia parasites are found at 30 to 50 percent in stools on one-month old puppies. Even so, there is no known vaccine to prevent Coccidia parasite in dogs, but the best we can do as pet owners is to sanitize the place where dogs usually stay or play. Likewise, it is also very important to be buffed with adequate knowledge about it in order to always ready for emergencies.